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Examples of Service Offerings

PC SOS will match a Service Plan to meet your requirements

PC SOS understands that all customers are unique. Once your Service Level Agreement, Coverage Area and Equipment Type are understood, a customized Service Plan will be developed to match your needs. The client examples below demonstrate the diversity of services available through a partnership with PC SOS:

Laptop Warranty

4-Hour Response
Financial Institution

POS Rollouts
POS Retrofits

Laptop Warranty – PC SOS has partnered with several national providers to support on-site laptop warranty in areas where the providers did not have their own technicians. PC SOS provides service the same day that parts arrive, making it transparent that we have been contracted to cover remote areas.

Four Hour Response for Major Financial Institution – PC SOS has partnered to provide badged technicians to service branch banks. The service includes Desktops, Laptops, Printers, POS and Servers. Service includes a mixture of 4 hour response, next business day response and warranty services.

Printer Warranty – PC SOS has partnered to provide printer warranty services for a major OEM. These services included having hundreds of technicians train and certify on the OEM’s equipment

POS Rollouts – PC SOS has partnered to replace the entire POS Equipment, including back office PC, POS equipment and communication equipment for major food franchises across the entire United States.

POS Retrofits – PC SOS has partnered to provide proactive upgrades to POS equipment at major clothing and discount merchandisers.

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